Refurbished Koppens VM400HD with paper interleaver


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  Second hand Koppens VM 400 HD

A Koppens former offers the food processor shaping equipment with almost no limit as to the shape, size and design of the end product.

For a no waste, no fuss, automated system which will guarantee the consistency of each individual portion and high yield output, a Koppens former is the solution.

Forming and portioning machines are extremely flexible and efficient, ensuring that both the shape and the weight of the portions are identical each and every time.

Boyd Food Machinery is an international supplier and purchaser of used and reconditioned Koppens forming equipment including ball rollers, portion formers, formers with paper interleaving for burgers, chicken burgers, patty formers and nugget formers.There are various models available depending on the belt width required - VM400, VM600 and VM900 can all be supplied second hand or refurbished to the highest standard.

For specific product requirements there are extra attachments available for Koppens formers.   A stick inserter system is available which automatically inserts sticks into the formed product providing 'mess free' finger foods.  A paper interleaving system is another common attachment which enables burgers to be stacked with a sheet between each one. A meatball roller is a stand alone machine, placed after the former, which ‘rolls’ the formed product into balls.


Koppens full range of formers include MultiFormer, TunnelFormer, PortionFormer, TwinFormer, PerFormer, EasyFormer. Available second hand from BFM.


We can also supply bespoke forming plates for Koppens formers, manufactured to suit whatever shape is required and the raw material being used – whether it’s poultry, beef, veal, fish, potato, vegetables, turkey or even pasta or dough.  Most formsets are now being supplied with air knockout systems although other systems to knock out the product are still readily available.